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Custom Crystal Oil Blend is a channeled blend intended to support you on your journey. Each blend will include a master clear quartz, crystal or crystals and oils that are specific to you. A unique to you oil blend name will be channeled, along with a card explaining the meaning behind the oil blend with a prayer that helps activate and open you up to receive. 


Each 10ml roller holds a master clear quartz with your custom blend of crystals, infused with organic therapeutic quality essential oils that are in an organic fractionated coconut oil carrier.

Custom Crystal Oil Blend

  • Each crystal oil blend has been cleared, charged on the Earth altar, and blessed. The master clear quartz in each blend will hold the charge throughout the lifetime of the blend. 

    To activate the blend

    • Take a deep breath and connect with your heart. Feel yourself connecting with the Earth, the crystals, and the plants.
    • Hold your roller in your hands & thank the medicine for coming into your life.
    • Open your roller, rub a tiny amount on your palms, rub them together, inhale slightly, let your eyes close, & think about your intention.
    • Smile and visualize what you are calling in.

    You can come back to this practice as many times as you feel called. 

    Apply to pulse points, temples, neck, wrists, and behind the ears.