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I’ve always felt a deep connection with healing energy.

Since I was a little girl, my grandmother inspired me by telling me that I would be a healer. It led me on a path to become a traditional registered nurse, it wasn't until a layoff, that a deep knowing arose within, that it was time to share my Native Medicine & step into the role of the Medicine Woman that I am. The vision came that I would start my own practice with the name Loana. The "O" represents the sacred hoop & the name means "good light." I went on to become a board certified Holistic Nurse, Reiki Master, & Crystal Energy guide. Since then I’ve published my first book, led sacred ceremonies, holistic retreats and am currently offering the Sacred Destiny Mentorship.

My healing journey taught me how to alchemize my pain into wisdom.

 I've experienced many traumas that led to my pain and suffering but it was experiencing the loss of my stepmother that led me to my own higher wisdom. I found that it is through your heart that you become aware of the wisdom that you hold within, that allows your truth and the knowing to come through.  

I have always felt that my path has led me through many doors to self discovery. I was adopted as a baby and on my adoption papers it stated that I was of the Lakota Nation. My adopted family made sure that I connected with the ways of the Lakota very early on. I spent many years around the sacred fire. This is where I learned to listen to my ancestors, my elders' teachings providing guidance, and developed a knowing to trust the Great Spirit. Even with this I was encouraged to do a DNA test. The results recorded as thirty percent indigenous unknown. Regardless of this result, I knew, I felt my ancestors in my blood. The ways of the red road, for all my relations always felt like it was a part of me and who I am.


More recently, the DNA test connected me with my biological family. I learned that I am not Lakota but of the Anishinaabe Nation on my Great Grandmother's side. My uncle who has passed was a practicing Shaman. While there are still many voids in my story, I have always held a deep knowing of the roots that I plant with Mother Earth, the indigenous ways of the Medicine that I bring to my practice and to the world is all connected to my ancestors, my teachers, and wisdom keepers. Several years ago I received a Native American blessing to embody the ways of the Medicine Woman. Today,  it is with much gratitude that I honor my truth; I am an indigenous Anishinaabe Medicine Woman, attuned to the ways of the Lakota. It is an honor to bring forth my sacred gifts, to guide, and to teach.

Holistic healing has always been a part of my journey.

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Holistic Healing has always been a part of my journey during some of my hardest moments, the plants and minerals were always there to assist me. These ancient ones are here for you too. In the Native American beliefs, we came to this Earth to be in harmony with all things. As we started to evolve, humans started to forget this agreement. 


This "new way" troubled the elders. It was the plants and mineral people that vowed to provide healing and bring us back into balance. The plants agreed that for every disease they would provide a cure. The mineral people also agreed to bring their medicine. The quartz crystal vowed to bring clarity and wisdom to us, reminding us of the "old ways"; that we are all related. The ancestors have guided me to bring this medicine to you. To awaken your cells, support your DNA, and raise your vibration, bringing it back, into harmony. I am honored to bring crystal infused essential oil blends to my shop.

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