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Full Moon Box


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Full Moon comes to clear the way. The release of old energy is necessary for the new to be brought in. Sometimes like the ocean it can feel like massive waves pulling you under or like gentle currents moving in and out. 


We bring you our Full Moon luxury essentials that will support release, cleanse, and bring you back into flow. 

Our box essentials also include exclusive access to Full Moon Rituals. Including ways to work with Grandmother Moon, connect with Owl, Full Moon affirmations, journal prompts, and meditations.

Full Moon Box  
support release, cleanse, and bring you back into flow

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Luxury Full Moon Essentials

Moon Magic scrub is infused with Eucalyptus & Spearmint essential oils to use during bath or shower time for an invigorating Full Moon outer body cleanse. 

 Moonlight Dream Oil blend connects you with your dreams  while dancing under the moonlight, during your bath or shower, or during meditation. 

Palo Santo and Sage clearing candle is essential for clearing and releasing, meditation, or when you desire more positivity. 

Calming  Amethyst crystal oil blend supports stress relief, surrender to higher guidance, and a peaceful pause for healing during the Full Moon. 

Full Moon power animal, the Owl, brings a message for you and ways to work with Owl to move through darkness, connect with your gifts, and be in your higher wisdom.

Amethyst works well with Grandmother Moon as it strengthens your psychic connection and clears negative energies.

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