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It is here that we come back to the ways of the Earth, the ways of the cosmos, and the ways of your soul.

Loana Healing Community
I am so happy that you are here. I have spent many years around the sacred fire with my elders, learning from great wisdom keepers, and shamans. It is with great honor that I have created a sacred space where we share in ceremony, ritual, and practices that bring us back to the knowing of the connection we share. It is here that we come back to the ways of the Earth, the ways of the cosmos, and the ways of your soul.

We are in a time of remembering community
It is together that we amplify and elevate what we want to see in the world for love, peace, and all things. It is together that we bridge gaps, build on dreams and hopes.
We are in an amazing time of knowing the need for great change and the good work we are capable of
Embody your beautiful gifts and allow yourself to be seen and heard. We are all reflections of each other, the more you shine, the more we all shine. We start to inspire others, laying new threads of energy into the web that connects all.
It is an honor to share with you and bring to you...
The Loana Healing Community Membership
What's included:
  • Community | A beautiful community with the opportunity to create new friendships and access the many teachings that come from Native American beliefs, shamans, and guides, sound healings, and inspirational content to keep you lit on your path. 
  • Sacred Ceremony | Online monthly ceremony, where we bring in the energies of the Mother Earth, the cosmos, and connection we share.
  • Ritual | Monthly rituals to create more mindfulness and bring in practices that allow for sacredness in your day to day.
  • Monthly Circle | Online social gathering where we can sit together to share, reflect, discuss, and uplift.
  • Membership Benefits | Exclusive membership access to HAWK Way, sound healings, journal prompts and weekly guidance. Discounts on products and a portion of your monthly dues goes to an Amazon Reforestation project. 

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