Feel my love, let it carry you through...

When Jenn first hears the angelic voice she is at the lowest point in her life: on suicide watch at a psychiatric facility. The detective interviewing her about "the incident" at the party assures her it wasn't her fault, yet her mother's voice keeps ringing in her head. Maybe things like this are bound to happen when you have too many guy friends. 


Jenn tries to put the trauma behind her, but with each step forward, she's dragged back into the pit of an abusive relationship, limiting beliefs, and loneliness. Her struggles often drown out the lovely voice telling her she is beautiful and powerful beyond measure.


Years later, Jenn has fought for, and achieved, a seemingly perfect life as a wife, mother, and successful nurse. Then the loss of her stepmother exhumes the unbearable sadness and anger Jenn has tried to hide. Leaving her family behind, she travels to Hawaii to embark on a soul journey. There, surrounded by lush forest, she is met by a Shaman, a Native American Elder, Hawk, Owl, Wolf, and her ancestors who show her how to unravel the pain and suffering, meet her true essence, and show her the true way to healing.  

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