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Feel my love, let it carry you through...

When Jenn first hears the angelic voice she is at the lowest point in her life: on suicide watch at a psychiatric facility. The detective interviewing her about "the incident" at the party assures her it wasn't her fault, yet her mother's voice keeps ringing in her head. Maybe things like this are bound to happen when you have too many guy friends. 
Jenn tries to put the trauma behind her, but with each step forward, she's dragged back into the pit of an abusive relationship, limiting beliefs, and loneliness. Her struggles often drown out the lovely voice telling her she is beautiful and powerful beyond measure.
Years later, Jenn has fought for, and achieved, a seemingly perfect life as a wife, mother, and successful nurse. Then the loss of her stepmother exhumes the unbearable sadness and anger Jenn has tried to hide. Leaving her family behind, she travels to Hawaii to embark on a soul journey. There, surrounded by lush forest, she is met by a Shaman, a Native American Elder, Hawk, Owl, Wolf, and her ancestors who show her how to unravel the pain and suffering, meet her true essence, and show her the true way to healing.  

"Just finished Loana’s Way and it is so worth every second of reading! I can’t wait to go on a retreat." ~SM


"If you are looking for strength and inspiration, look no further. Loana's Way is a captivating read, offering insight into one woman's journey to find acceptance and meaning in her own beautiful gifts. Great read." ~RJ

Through the eyes of Jenn Thomas, Lisa shares her trauma and the impact that pain had on her life. It is a story to give you hope and guidance on how to heal yourself.
Jenn is faced with a choice to remain in suffering or find a way to alchemize her pain into wisdom. Wolf comes to remind Jenn that you are not alone. Owl teaches Jenn about energy and the power of forgiveness. Hawk brings Jenn the vision of her truth.  Loana shows Jenn the power of sound healing as the drum beats to her heartbeat and how to release her pain. Loana teaches Jenn about plant medicine reminding her of the wisdom that is passed down from our ancestors and Mother Earth. In the end Jenn finds her true essence.
Loana’s Way takes Jenn through the HAWK Way. As Jenn starts her healing journey on the Big Island of Hawaii, a shaman and Native American elder show her how to get into her heart. As she continues her journey with the help of many spirit animals, she becomes aware. A beautiful mystical being, Loana, guides Jenn to go deep within to heal. It is from this healing that Jenn knows the true essence of who she is and exists from her higher wisdom.

Loana’s Way shares the truth inspired journey of Lisa Gotwals

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I wrote this book to show people that we do not have to live in suffering

You can alchemize your pain into wisdom. 

It is a truth-inspired story of my own traumas and healing journey. I share what I learned from my ancestors, Spirit Guides, and my own higher wisdom. 

After writing this book, it helped me develop HAWK Way, my process to help you heal and harness your inner iridescence, illuminate your path and therefore the world.

“I resonated with so much of Loana’s Way. Thank you for sharing the beautiful gift of your story, Lisa.” ~DF

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