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Do you have a deep knowing, a calling that is asking you to connect deeper with your sacred gifts, deeper with Mother Earth, and deeper with spirit?

We are in an amazing time of awakening, attuning, and mastery. It is the time to allow yourself to embody, express, and be in your full divine power. To feel balanced, unafraid, and ready to inspire others from a place of truth. I developed this program to support you as your guide, to teach you how to bring forth your gifts from a place of knowing, honor, and sacredness. You will learn practices to keep you in the divine light, connect deeper with your angels, ancestors, and guides. You will learn how to harness the energy of your light body through ritual, connection, and understanding. You will receive channeled guidance that is specific to your journey that brings in personalized teachings and healing that moves you towards the fulfillment of your Sacred Destiny. 

Accepting Applications for Spring Session. 

Sacred Destiny

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Powerful sessions that will shift you into a place of knowing that will illuminate your
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This is not just about path and purpose, this about integrating all of your beautiful gifts and learning ways to bring them out into the world. This is a six-month commitment.
You will receive 12~1:1~personal sessions and a beautiful invitation to be a part of a high vibrational network where you have access to community gatherings, teachings, rituals, guided meditations, sound healings, and much more.  


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