The HAWK Method

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

We are the keepers of our ancient truth. It is through our heart that we become aware to go deeper within, and access the knowing of our human and spiritual existence.


Listen to the sound of your heart beat it is your life force. It contains energy that creates a frequency and a vibration that can activate physiological and spiritual healing. First it is time to get into rest, to bring yourself back into homeostasis or the core of your being. It is here, deep within your heart, that you open yourself up to the flow of your heart space energy. It is here where you may find yourself closed off because you have suffered from an experience that was too painful, shameful, or scary. This creates a pattern that becomes disruptive to your human and spiritual being. It is important to understand these patterns, so that you may move through your experiences, release the suffering, and open your heart. Your heart is intended to carry your natural life force energy to create the life that you desire. Life force that can cure disease, that is honest and pure love that will open you up to receive the guidance from your higher wisdom. Join Lisa as she takes you through Part 1 of the HAWK Method. Receive the wisdom that came from Spirit to guide you on how to exist from your heart space. Understand the physical and spiritual heart. Learn practices that open you up to the natural flow of your heart. Learn More


It is through your heart that you become aware of your desire for growth, to show up from a place that is loving, compassionate, non judgmental, and that is with honor. It is time to move through your suffering and upgrade your system, create new patterns that bring you more joy. You feel the shifts happening. However, the suffering may feel overpowering. It is time to allow yourself to release, activate the transformational healing power you hold within. Join Lisa as she takes through Part 2 of the HAWK Method. Allow your truth to surface as you are guided from a space of love, held by Great Spirit, your angels, and ancestors. Learn ways to release that were passed down from the ancestors, elders, and wisdom keepers. Understand the tools that are here to help you as you continue your path to becoming all that you desire. Get on the wait list here.


It is deep within that you hold the answers that you seek. Going within allows you to develop the relationship with your physical and spiritual being that has been trying to free itself, your spirit, your light, the essence of you. It is time to pause, to breathe, and to listen. You are a wisdom keeper. It is from within that you learn to trust your higher wisdom, the higher guidance, and guidance from Spirit. As you go deeper, you will feel the energy within you. It is time to tap into the energetic being that you are. Join Lisa as she takes you through Part 3 of the HAWK Method. Strengthen the line that you hold within that connects you to yourself, the Earth, the Universe, to feel the difference of when your energy is disrupted versus free flowing. Learn meditation practices that will bring you into a state of higher consciousness. Learn to listen to your higher wisdom. Understand the importance of clearing energy and how to replenish yourself. Learn ceremonial practices that work with energies of the Four Directions. Get on the wait list here.


Through your heart you have become aware that it is deep within where you will find the ancient truth. There is a knowing that you are rooted within the energy of all existence. You know that your energy is important for the collective. It is time to honor your ancestors and what they are teaching you. You have the power to heal, evolve, and flow. You also have gifts to share with the world. It is not a time to fear, it is a time to trust the knowing. Join Lisa as she takes you through the final part of the HAWK Method. Understand the voice of our ancestors, the ancient truths, and the wisdom that you hold within. Identify your gifts and ways to share them. Learn practices that will elevate your vibration. Develop your own daily ceremony and practices that open the pathway to your higher wisdom. Get on the wait list here.

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