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Full Moon Box


Grandmother moon speaks to us through the water. She moves the tides through ebbs and flows and she is here to move us into flow. She is here to awaken the connection she has with our energetic and physical body.We know that about 60 percent of the human body is made up of water. The water carries nutrients and oxygen to our cells and also flushes out waste products. We also know that everything is energy, our cells carry this magnificent energy. When the energy is not in balance it can disrupt our physical, emotional, and spiritual being. Full Moon comes to clear the way. The release of old energy is necessary for the new to be brought in. Sometimes like the ocean it can feel like massive waves pulling you under or like gentle currents moving in and out. 
Each luxury Full Moon essential will support release, cleanse, and bring you back into flow.

Welcome to your Full Moon box experience


Moon Magic

Full Moon time is perfect for releasing and letting in the magic.  Moon Magic is infused with Eucalyptus & Spearmint essential oils to use during bath or shower time for an invigorating Full Moon outer body cleanse. Our all natural sugar scrub releases old skin, promotes circulation, and hydration. While the aroma of eucalyptus and spearmint purify, awaken a deeper sense of self, clarity, and calm. Feels like magic. 


Moonlight Dream Oil

Grandmother Moon encourages us to dream. She invites us to release so that growth and expansion can occur. This blend is intended to be used while dancing under the moonlight, during your bath or shower, or during meditation. The plants in this blend naturally calm the nervous system, support peace, tranquility, and help remind us of our path and purpose. A few drops is all that is needed to bring your body into rest while grounding you into Mother Earth opening yourself up to dream. 


Clearing Candle

Full Moon is all about clearing and releasing. Burning Palo Santo and Sage has been known to release negative ions into the air elevating the energy. This Palo Santo and Sage clearing candle is intended to be used anytime you are clearing and releasing, during meditation, or when you desire more positivity. It will help move the energy, creating a more calm and tranquil space allowing for expansion. 


Calming Amethyst

Grandmother Moon can bring on waves of emotion, especially during the Full Moon time. This amethyst infused blend of lavender, sandalwood, and copaiba supports stress relief, surrender to higher guidance, and a peaceful pause for healing during the Full Moon. 


Owl Power Animal

Owl comes to us as a voice of Grandmother Moon. Full Moon time sometimes called the time of "shadow work," can feel overwhelming. Owl reminds us that it is through the darkest part of our shadow; the wisdom lies. Owl is here to assist you with the  



Grandmother Moon's energy naturally moves with us. During the Full Moon you may feel the dense energy of what is being moved bubble up within you. It can feel vulnerable, emotional, or uneasy. Amethyst brings in calm, while also supporting transition and creation of new patterns on the cellular level. Amethyst works well with Grandmother Moon as it strengthens your psychic connection and clears negative energies.

Full Moon Rituals


During the Full Moon, Grandmother Moon invites us to release, clear, and allow the flow of your energy to move with all that is for your highest good. As you release and move old energy,  your cells start to regenerate and are ready for new impressions that support your magic, your dreams, and your flow. 


A positive affirmation ritual during this time can help to empower and create new patterns that bring you into alignment with 

your true essence.



Grandmother Moon welcomes you to work with her. ​She invites us to work with her energy to release and clear, to make way for all that you are calling into your life. Daily journaling is one of the easiest ways to get your thoughts and emotions out so that you can become aware of what it is you are releasing and working towards. You are invited to take a daily pause, to reflect on areas in your life that keep you from achieving your dreams. Pay attention to the behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. The more aware you can become of what it is that is keeping you stuck the more you can release. List out what you are releasing. Through this process, find the areas in your life that you can create action that is for your highest good. It may be as simple as an affirmation. This allows for the shift in your vibration to move into the place where your dreams happen and wishes come true. 


The positive energy of Grandmother Moon can be felt especially during the Full Moon. As you stand on Mother Earth and gaze upwards you may feel a tingle in your body. One way to harness this energy is through moon water. Grandmother Moon's energy is very soothing yet a powerful feminine energy that brings healing, integration, and manifestation. Grandmother Moon can leave this impression on water that sits under the moon to charge.

During the Full Moon time is when Grandmother Moon is supercharged and is believed to be the best time to make Moon Water. Unless, it is an eclipse, the energy during that time can be disrupted. Many ancient practices use Moon Water for sipping, elixirs, and mists.  ​​

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